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News: World Record For Longest Flight; Sun Power

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  1. World Record Set For Longest Flight Solely By Sun Power
    Towards the end of July, Pipistrel announced that one of its aircraft- the Pipistrel Alpha Electro- flew a record-breaking 227 nautical miles in California. The flight was powered by the sun...literally. It successfully set the world record for the longest flight in a production electric aircraft powered by off-grid, renewable solar energy, proving zero-emission aviation. For context, the aircraft wasn't producing its own electricity via embeded Pv cells on the wings on fuselage but rather the plane made several stops where it was charged using solar panels only.
  2. The aircraft started in Fresno and made stops in Madera, Merced, Modesto and Lodi before following the same flight path back to Fresno. Beam Global was a big part of the feat and was more than pleased with the results of the flight. "This historic world record marks the start of a new chapter for zero emissions aviation while breaking down the barriers to rapid adoption of commercially available clean aircraft. Our products make airport charging infrastructure available now, ushering in a new level of aviation access for rural and suburban denizens," said Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. "There are around twenty thousand public and private airports across the U.S. and we want to put clean, impact-free charging infrastructure in all of them."

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Thread Status:
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