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News: XTI Aircraft Progressing With TriFan 600

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  1. TriFan 600 By XTI Aircraft Progresses In Tests
    XTI Aircraft is currently working on testing the TriFan 600. They have now moved from a conceptual design to an actual working Proof of Concept prototype that is engaged in testing. In late March the CEO of XTI Aircraft Company Robert LaBelle said they were awaiting the electric motors to be installed. Since then the motors were installed and the TriFan 600 prototype has left the ground, if only marginally.
  2. LaBelle continued by saying the first flight was, "the moment the entire XTI team, our investors, customers, and many others have been waiting for and working towards". In the below photo you can see the aircraft only barely left the ground because it was tethered. The test was done at an airport and could not be allowed to hover, especially at such an early stage in tests there. XTI is looking for a more controlled air field in Utah that will allow them to test the hovering capabilities untethered. They expect to build a full scale prototype and have it fly by the end of 2020. The Denver, Colorado startup has secured 77 commitments for the TriFan 600 so far which will translate into approximately 500 million in revenue into the future.

    For more information:

    XTI Aircraft Company
    Denver, CO

Thread Status:
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