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News: Zunum Aero Facing Headwinds With Their Electric Jets

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  1. Headwinds For Zunum Aero
    Back in May 2018, JetForums wrote an article about a company called Zunum Aero that was seeking to build a passenger hybrid-electric jet. JetSuite was supposed to be the launch customer by placing an order for a significant number of the jets. Back then Zunum had backing from both Boeing and JetBlue Venture Technologies but they both seem to have left the venture. This has left Zunum Aero the task of finding more investors. Boeing seemingly pulled out from the board of Zunum when its representative quietly stepped down.
  2. The Ardiden 3Z engine (By Safran) that is to power the ZA10 has seen a drastic slow down in its development. With the financial situation with Zunum it appears that is a wise decision. Safran so far from all indications has not left the project. The aircraft on initial calculations was carded to make first flight by the end of 2019 but this obviously will never happen. It remains to be seen where the future will be for Zunum Aero.

    For more information:

    Zunum Aero
    19820 N Creek Parkway #201
    Bothell, WA 98011

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