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News: Zunum Aero Gets Deal With JetSuite; If Certificated

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  1. Zunum Aero Gets Deal With JetSuite, Pending FAA Certification
    In an announcement made yesterday, JetSuite, a well noted charter operator, said it signed an MoU with Zunum Aero for 100 of their six to twelve seat hybrid electric aircraft once they become FAA certificated. Bare in mind, the Zunum Aero plane is under development but JetSuite is making the bold step to become the launch customer once everything starts to fall into place.
  2. Even more interesting is that flight testing has not even started for this plane. Flight testing is targeted for mid-2019 so it is quite ambitious for JetSuite to put itself out there already. The twin-engined testbed will be converted to a hybrid-electric powerplant slowly commencing with one electric motor replacing one of the aircraft’s gas-powered engines. Both engines eventually will be replaced with electric motors powered by electricity generated by a 1,450shp-class turbo-shaft engine. Plans are to have a 1MW-class propulsion system.

    For more information:

    Zunum Aero
    19820 N Creek Parkway #201
    Bothell, WA 98011

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