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Piper M-Class, Twin Class & Trainer Class at Sun 'n Fun

  1. Piper Displaying M-Class, Twin Class, Trainer Class at Sun ‘n Fun

    Piper Aircraft’s static aircraft display at the 39th Annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In & Expo, held in Lakeland, Fla. April 9-14.2013 will feature representative aircraft from the company M-Class, Twin Class and Trainer Class offerings. On display from the company’s Twin Class offerings will be the Piper Seminole. This versatile twin-engine training airplane will complement a single-engine Piper Archer TX on display, rounding out the company’s Trainer Class offerings.

    The company will also fly to Sun ‘n Fun a single-engine pressurized Piper Mirage piston and the company’s flagship Piper Meridian turbine powered aircraft, from the company’s M-Class series, along with a Meridian cabin mockup. In addition Piper will bring a large selection of Piper branded merchandise from the company’s Vero Beach Pilot Shop. Included will be apparel, headgear, gifts and office accessories. For Piper enthusiasts who want to order merchandise in advance, go to Merchandise at

    For more information:

    The New Piper Aircraft, Inc.
    2926 Piper Drive
    Vero Beach, FL 32960