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Piper shows improved performance with deliveries

  1. Piper continues with increased delivery performance for first half of 2013

    Piper Aircraft continued to deliver more new aircraft and increase new airplane revenue during the first half of 2013, continuing a steady improved performance trend. For the first half of 2013, Piper delivered 86 airplanes, up 13 percent from 76 total deliveries during the same period in 2012, while generating $77M in revenue, up more than 11 percent from $69M during the first half of 2012. "Piper delivered three more M-Class aircraft during the first half of this year compared to this past year. We also delivered 7 more Piper Twin Class and Trainer Class airplanes, primarily as a result of successfully incorporating Garmin G1000 avionics for pilot training applications,” said Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott.

    "While we remain cautiously optimistic about the future, we are pleased with Piper’s overall improved performance trajectory for the past three and a half years," he added. Since 2009 when Piper generated $87M in sales, Piper’s fiscal performance has improved steadily. In 2010, Piper’s new aircraft revenue increased to $120M and in 2011 total revenue increased to $131M. In 2012, Piper new aircraft revenue grew to $149M. Piper delivered 6 Meridians in Q1 and 8 in Q2. 12 Mirages in Q1 and 12 in Q2 along with 4 Matrix aircraft in Q1 and 4 in Q2. 1 Seneca V was delivered in Q1 while 6 were handed over in Q2. 4 Seminoles left in Q1 while 6 were completed in Q2 and 0 Archers in Q1 but a boost in Q2 with some 24 deliveries of this type round out a total of 86 deliveries for the first half of the year amassing $76,818,577.

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