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Piper's deliveries rise in first Half 2012

  1. Piper’s Deliveries, Revenue Continued to Rise in First Half 2012

    Piper Aircraft continued to increase new aircraft deliveries and grow revenues during the first half of 2012, sustaining a solid upward performance trajectory for the past two and a half years. During the second quarter of 2012, ended June 30, Piper delivered 39 new aircraft contributing $37,423,010 in revenue. That was up 18 percent from 33 aircraft in the same period in 2011, with revenue up more than 20 percent to $31,141,182. For the 2012 first half, Piper delivered 76 airplanes, up 28 percent from 59 during the same period in 2011 while generating $69,001,213 in revenue, up more than 20 percent from $57,300,885 during the same period in 2011.

    "Company delivery and financial performance measures are continuing an upward trend," said Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott. "The company is simultaneously achieving better sales in the United States and internationally, thanks to a growing and stronger system of Piper dealers. Our single-engine M-Class line is selling well as are Piper’s training aircraft."

    Since 2009 when Piper generated $87,178,532 on deliveries of 90 aircraft, Piper’s fiscal performance has improved steadily. In 2010, Piper’s new aircraft revenue increased to $120,166,447 on 160 aircraft, and in 2011, total revenue increased to $131,263,539 on 136 deliveries, on a more favorable mix of top-of-line M-Class aircraft. Thus far in 2012 the company has delivered 76 new airplanes, including 43 M-Class aircraft – the Turboprop Meridian, pressurized Piston-powered Mirage and unpressurized Matrix.

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