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Q3 results for Embraer Executive

  1. Better results for Embraer Executive in Q3 2012

    In the third quarter of 2012 (3Q12), Embraer delivered 27 jets to the commercial aviation market and 13 to executive aviation. Deliveries year to date, at the end of September, total 83 commercial and 46 executive jets, seven more than for the same period of 2011.

    Thirteen jets in total have been delivered for Q3 of 2012 under the business jet sector of Embraer. Eleven of the thirteen were business jets in the Light Jet market while two were in the Large Executive Jet market. Looking at the stats to date for 2012, forty-six business jets have been delivered by Embraer. Forty of them being in the Light Jet category and six in the Large Jet sector. For the break-down of jets sold in Q3 2012, Embraer delivered, five Phenom 100s, six Phenom 300s, a Legacy 650 and a Lineage 1000.

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