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Revisited: The Sport Jet II Personal Jet

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  1. The Sport Jet II Personal Business Jet
    Back in 2012 JF looked at a small personal business jet called the Sport Jet II. It was still in its infancy then but alot has been done since then. The jet is now a reality from the standpoint of it being built. It is a swift personal jet that can rocket from the runway to altitude at 3,000 fpm in no time! Safer and easier to fly than a piston, feel the acceleration as the jet smoothly levitates off the ground- within 4 mins you are passing through 10,000 ft at over 300 kts. The SportJet is probably the most fuel efficient single engine jet aircraft. It has a direct operating cost of $1/mile for single pilot operation and $.25/mile with 4 occupants.” Due to its unique proprietary air intake system, its slow approach to landing speed, and high thrust to weight ratio; SportJet II can land and take off from grass or dirt air strips of 1800 ft in length making it a true STOL airplane. It also has a built in safety roll cage (first ever) for any civil jet. A new SportJet II can be purchased now and be delivered in 14-16 months.

    For more information:

    Sport Jet
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Dallas, Texas

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