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Software upgrades for Dassault Falcon jets

  1. Dassault Falcon upgrading EASy software for Falcon jets

    Dassault Falcon is upgrading its Falcon Perf takeoff and landing performance tool and extending availability of the software package for Falcons equipped with the advanced EASy cockpit. Introduced in May 2012, in partnership with Jeppesen, Falcon Perf allows pilots to easily calculate takeoff and landing performance and quickly produce associated takeoff parametric cards, takeoff and landing cards and maximum takeoff/landing weight tables. The tool can also facilitate access to operational data based on declared runway characteristics, departure procedure, missed approach climb gradient requirements and other airport information defined by Jeppesen NavData and OpsData services, which are incorporated in the software.

    In addition, the Falcon Perf application is supported by Dassault’s Falcon Sphere, a new touch-based user interface for the CMA1100 Electronic Flight Bag introduced last year. “Falcon Perf optimizes flight preparation tasks and reduces pilot workload,” said Frederic Leboeuf, Vice President, Falcon Operational Support. “It helps operators get the most out of their aircraft.”

    The new version of Falcon Perf will run on a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and be compatible with the upgraded EASy II avionics suite, which was recently approved for use on all Falcon EASy aircraft. It will be available on 7X, 900DX/LX/EX EASy and 2000DX/LX/EX EASy models. Availability of the previous Windows XP 32-bit variant was limited to the Falcon 7X, 900EX EASy and Falcon 2000 EX EASy. It will be available on the new Falcon 2000S and Falcon 2000LXS which were both certified earlier this year.

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