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Special Feature: Hubbard Aviation Technologies - Noise Suppressing Hushkit

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  1. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3
    Noise Suppressing Hushkit
    Hubbard Technologies displayed their noise suppressing "Hushkit" at the 2012 NBAA Static Display, located at Orlando Executive Airport. This aftermarket kit consists of an aft-mounted nacelle that reduces the noise signature of thrust exiting the main engines, in similar fashion to the silencer mounted to a gun barrel.

    The Hushkit works by encapsulating and diffusing sound waves at their strongest point; when thrust exits the engine. Additional sound dampening is achieved by inducing air from outside the main engine's nacelle and venting it into the thrust stream. There are three components that make up the QS3 Hushkit; a diffusing exhaust nozzle, an acoustically-lined aft-nacelle and a cascade-style thrust reverser all working in conjunction to absorb noise while maintaining engine performance.

  2. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 Hushkit 1​

    QS3's nozzle has ten lobes, five shallow and five deep, alternating around its circumference to allow deep penetration of high-velocity jet exhaust, effectively mixing the hot exhaust with ambient air to lower the temperature and velocity – without thrust loss.
  3. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 Hushkit 2​

    The alternating lobes set up separate axial vortex patterns that interact with each other to enhance mixing. By breaking up the jet core into ten smaller cores, the nozzle shifts the low-frequency jet noise to a higher frequency that can be more easily absorbed. What makes this patented nozzle unique is its ability to reduce the noise without degrading the engine's performance.
  4. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 Hushkit 3​

    The ejector is securely attached to a reinforced fuselage via short pylons that fair into the existing engine pylons, providing streamlined airflow with improved structural integrity.
  5. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 Hushkit 4​

    The injector inlet is designed to deliver continuously-accelerating airflow for optimum exhaust mixing with minimum loss of energy. The perforated ejector core is a fusion-welded, titanium-honeycomb structure with an acoustic lining on its outer surface that will not delaminate.
  6. Hubbard Aviation Technologies QS3 Hushkit 5​

    The QS3 Hushkit system includes a cascade-style thrust reverser which reduces the amount of engine power needed to provide the same reverse thrust.
  7. Alternating Exhaust Lobe Mixer​
  8. Exhaust Silencing Ejector​
  9. Cascade Thrust Reverser​
  10. Ejector Fuselage Mounting​
  11. For more information contact:

    Hubbard Aviation Technologies
    3415 University Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55114

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