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Waiting List: Customer loyalty for Cirrus SF50 Vision

  1. Waiting list for new Cirrus jet displays customer loyalty

    About 45 owners and prospective buyers of the Cirrus [Vision SF50] jet, which will be built in Duluth, turned out for a jet showing last week at the Rochester [Minnesota] International Airport. Michael Marto does a lot of traveling for his businesses. And it’s wearing him down. “We see clients all over the country for entertainment events,” said Marton, president and CEO of Executive Visions, Inc., in Atlanta. “We fly all the time.”

    The process of getting in and out of the commercial airports, boarding and disembarking charter and major carriers, the accompanying delays and hassles — it all means long hours away from home and overnight stays. So the idea of saving time and having more control over his schedule has him excited.

    “If we had our own plane, we’d be flying home at night,” he said. That’s why he’s buying Cirrus’ new light Vision jet that’s designed for regional business and personal use and with a price tag that jumps from $1.72 million to $1.96 million on July 1.

    For more information:

    Cirrus Design Corporation
    4515 Taylor Circle
    Duluth, MN 55811