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News: Fastest King Air In The World!

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  1. 340+ knot Beechcraft King Air
    You thought your King Air was fast? Maybe it is to a certain point but with new improvements and a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA, Blackhawk is making sure King Air 300s are getting the most out of performance. It is really a combination of a number of elements to make this happen. Propeller manufacturer Hartzell is making a swept-tip 5-blade prop made from composite which makes the blades strong but also very light. The swept design also makes them more aerodynamically efficient as they operate, creating less drag which in turn positively affects the performance of the aircraft.
  2. The engines are now Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6A-76As vs the PT-6A-60A factory engines from assembly. These improvements are said to give the King Air 300s with a gross weight between 12,500 and 14,000 lbs a speed above 340-knots! The engines in concert with the new props make the difference. Hartzell Propeller executive vice president and general manager JJ Frigge says, "Hartzell props are performing at a truly exceptional level and are helping Blackhawk deliver on its promise of a King Air 'rocket ship.’ These new aerodynamically optimized Hartzell props improve takeoff and climb performance in addition to delivering impressive cruise speeds."

    For more information:

    Blackhawk Aerospace
    150 West Park Loop, Suite 106
    Huntsville, AL 35806

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.