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News: Hermeus $100 Mil Injection Furthers Hypersonic Program

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  1. New 100 Mil Injection For Hermeus Hypersonic Program
    Hermeus is a startup that is seeking to bring to market a hypersonic vehicle. The supersonic race on the commercial/business jet end has cooled off a bit with the exit of Aerion from the race. BOOM Supersonic is the only major player left actively seeking to develop a supersonic aircraft. Hermeus on the other hand is taking this a step further by going Hypersonic with their ambitions. The renderings and design surrounding the aircraft Hermeus wants to bring to market have been around and teasing the market what the future could possibly look like.
  2. Programs like these take an immense amount of resources and funding to be viable and enter into service successfully. It is on this note that Hermeus is delighted to announce that they have secured $100 million in series B funding. The new funding will help complete 'Quarterhorse' -which will be the remotely piloted demonstrator. . The Quarterhorse is expected to fly for the first time in 2023. After the first demonstrator -Quarterhorse-, Hermeus plans to field, 'Darkhorse' which will be utilized to understand and perfect information garnered from previous testing. That will then morph towards the final form in 'Halycon', the final commercial hypersonic aircraft. "Our mission to massively accelerate global transportation requires tackling some of engineering’s hardest challenges," said CEO AJ Piplica. "This funding starts a new phase for the company—one where the stakes are higher than they've ever been, but also where we have the resources to accomplish what some think is impossible."

    For more information:

    1954 Airport Rd
    Atlanta, Georgia 30341

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.