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News: Update On Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' Prototype

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  1. Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' Prototype Comes Alive At Unveiling
    In August, JF wrote an article on the new Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' demonstrator which is being aimed at flying in 2022. To reach this step the demonstrator needs to be tested on the ground before it can even fly to validate the design and technology. Recently Hermeus celebrated the powering-up of this aircraft for the first time -publicly-. "Last week we held a little event and unveiled a full-scale prototype of our first aircraft Quarterhorse", said the Hermeus company. Below you can see the prototype.
  2. The event included some special guest speakers like legendary entrepreneur and investor Vinod Khosla and Brigadier General Jason Lindsey. "Less than three years ago, this felt almost impossible. And it’s gone from almost impossible, to possible, to probable today, and hopefully soon, real flight," said Khosla. This is the prototype and isn't exactly meant to fly, it gives a feel for what the full-sized aircraft will be about. Skyler Shuford, Hermeus COO, "We designed, manufactured, and integrated the aircraft, from nothing but an outer shape, in four months," said Shuford. The intended real plane is expected to be a hypersonic aircraft flying at around Mach 5. A 20-passenger aircraft is expected to gain FAA certification by 2029.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.